Dealing with Fears

Fears hold us back and stop us from living in the moment.  Here is a simple process to help you manage your fears and enjoy life to the fullest.
Sit in a quiet place, breath in deeply, and ask yourself what is making you fearful.
Make a list.
Examine your list and identify your fears (e.g. losing your job, bills, relationship, etc.)
Name your fears out loud: by identifying them- you can face them.
Clarify your fears: has something similar happened in the past or are you projecting that it might happen in the future?
Separate real (past experiences) from imagined (what might happen in the future)
Focus on current problems that make you worry (e.g. too many bills)
Create a problem-solving to-do list addressing the real worries.
Breathe in and out and begin to check off the items on your to-do list.
Repeat this process regularly.  Continue to practice this approach and apply it whenever you are faced with new fears.

Johnny Sandaire PhD

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