Spring Awakening Through Holistic Psychotherapy and Ayurveda

Spring Awakening 5 Week Rejuvenation Program

Has this long winter in New York City left you feeling depressed, lethargic, and irritable or lacking motivation? You are not alone. Winter weather can bring you down and can feel never ending.
The good news is that spring is just around the corner. Soon the leaves and grass will grow, we will feel warmth on our skin and the sun will once again kiss our faces.
Through the combination of holistic talk therapy along with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, The Holistic Psychotherapy Center is pleased to offer you a 5 Week Program to help guide you into the spring spirit of growth, renewal and rejuvenation. Together we will address imbalances, process feelings, create goals and move toward a life that is healthy, whole and connected.
The fee for the 5 Week Program is $450 (huge savings from regular fee of $750). You may also use your health insurance to pay in whole or in part. More great news: we process your claims for you to ease with the stress!
Details and sign up: Please call Katherine (646) 319-7776 or Kristine (646) 223-0982.
Katarzyna Haberko-Sandaire

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